State Champions crowned before race day
Due to the unfortunate event that the Orcas are unable to compete for the Senior State Finals this weekend, they have had to forfeit the match. In result of this, the Tuggerah Lakes Tribe will be awarded the Senior Swim League State Champions 2019.
This is a massive shame for the Orcas, the coaches and swimmers as they tried their hardest to make it happen, but due to the nature of their team which has majority female competitors they couldn’t quite make the minimum number of boys needed to compete this weekend. It is the first time we have had Sydney teams competing and due to many other calendar commitments for both competitors and coaches, the result is as above. We are looking at this going forward into next year, aligning with the NSW Swimming calendar more precisely to avoid conflictions happening again. We would like to thank all our competitors for a wonderful season and hope team spirit shines through amongst all things.
We would like to congratulate our State Champion Runners Up – The Metro North East Orcas – Metro Champions, which is a major feat against some very competitive teams.
A huge congratulations to the Tuggerah Lakes Tribe who won the Coast and Valley championships and are now our first State Champions for 2019 – great season of swimming and coaching – well done everyone. We cannot wait to see what you can do next season as reigning champions.

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