***UPDATE*** We have joined together our Metro North East and North West And Metro South East and South West Gala Days. So now it will be Metro North competing on Saturday May 18th at Pymble Ladies College. Click Here for more information. The  Metro South will be competing on Saturday June 1st at Trinity Grammar.

If competing as a Junior 12yrs and under you should be capable of all four strokes ( Butterfly,
Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle) If competing as a Senior 13yrs and over you should be
capable of all four strokes and a 50 metre freestyle time of no more than 35 seconds
• The age you are on January 1st determines whether you are allowed to race Juniors (12
and under) or Seniors ( 13 and over)
• If registered as a Junior you are allowed to fill in for a Senior team if needed
• Registration Fee includes Team Membership, 2 Team Swim Caps and entry into
every Swim League event
• Registration Fee of $35 will apply from 11th March till May 1st

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