Team vs Team

How do you register?

A: Online registrations are available at

When do registrations close?

A: Registrations will be closing on the 28th February 2019 for Coast and Valley Region and May 11th for Metro Region

What is the registration fee?

A: Go to for registration costs

What do I get for my registration?

Each individual swimmer receives a team pack consisting of a team swim cap, team shirt and competitor pass, which gives you free entry as a registered swimmer to all Swim League events across the season. For Gala Day registration there are 2 caps plus free entry into all Swim League Events

How many people get selected?

A: Each team may consist of 15-30 swimmers, male or female.

 When do you find out which team you have been selected in?

A: Once registrations close teams will be selected based on a drafting process for Seniors and Juniors with preferences being considered and finalised by team coaches. You will be notified via email which team you have been selected on by the 11th March 2019. Teams will also be posted on the website and social media by this date. All Metro teams are decided by draft for the first year and teams will be announced after registrations close on May 11th

 What happens if I am selected on a different team?

A: Even though we will try to meet everyone’s preference, please remember Swim League is all about socialising, connecting and building relationships through swimming. We encourage our athletes to take a chance on new ventures and experience new challenges to build self-confidence, establish growth and support each other. In the first year of competition swimmers are unable to change their team selection. If a swimmer wishes to make a preference for another team the following year, this will be considered in the new season. 

 What happens if I am not selected in a team?

A: All Swimmers will be allocated a team as long as the criteria is met.

 What is the criteria to compete at Swim League?

A: To compete in the Junior League you need to be younger then 13 years of age in 2019 and should be confident in all 4 strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle). To compete in the Senior League you need to be at least 13 years of age in 2019, confident in all 4 strokes and swim 50 metres freestyle in at least 35 seconds.

Can I Choose to be in a Junior or Senior Team?

A:  If you are 12 years or younger you can have the option of being in a Senior Team. If you are 13 years or older you can only be selected in a Senior Team.

What time will matches start?

AThe Junior League starts at 4pm followed by the Senior League from 5pm.This could be subject to change if a second division is added to the Senior League. Metro Gala day times are yet to be finalised but should run from lunch to afternoon depending on how many teams are established.

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