Swim League Presents..... The Swimming Revolution
Swim League is exactly that, a league of competition in the Aquatic Arena like you haven't seen before.
Team Vs Team Competition.
Two hours of action including entertainment and music, games and adrenalin pumping racing unlike you have ever seen before.
Not your traditional swim meet, Swim League is the DIFFERENCE.
At Swim League we aim to support our swimmers and encourage GROWTH in the swimming arena. We are PASSIONATE and DEDICATED to supporting our athletes of all ages. We are dedicated to increasing ACTIVE lifestyles, enhancing TEAM WORK, and most of all creating a FUN, INTERACTIVE aquatic arena.
Make your SPLASH in the pool and register at for any updates
 Whether you want to introduce your children to his/her first sport, or enhance your professional athlete status, we're here to help you succeed and enhance your abilities.
Welcome to the Revolution, join now for updates, and make your SPLASH in the pool!
NB:Swim League AUS would like to disclose that our meets are not sanctioned by Australian Swimming Events. Swim League AUS is not associated with Swimming Australia and these meets are NOT timed events and cannot be used for official Australia Swimming competition.
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